October 14, 2021

Outstanding instrumental, 'Dancing with Evil Intent' by Elektragaaz

'Dancing with Evil Intent' by Elektragaaz

This soundtrack by Elektragaaz is not your ordinary electronic music, it is a unique take on the way various musical elements are combined, like an abstract painting! The balance of virtual and live instruments is well defined and generates sounds that hold a special purpose in the evolution of this track. Shades of multiple genres can be heard throughout, performed on guitar, piano, brass, violins and other, virtual instruments. The rhythmic pattern is constructed with a combination of these instruments, with some on and off-beat magic layered smoothly, showing us the well-constructed structure of the track. A composition that evolves by shifting the impact of one instrument to another, yet keeping the energy consistent is very captivating. Every instrument feels like they are communicating with each other, sharing emotions and creating a super-pleasant atmosphere for the listener. All these musical elements change position, moving from background to foreground and back again which shows how well the song is mixed and produced. The subtle dance vibe is well implemented, delivering the expression that makes this track stand out. While most of the track utilises a primary chord progression, there are other chord progressions that can be heard from various combinations of instruments in certain parts of the track. Virtual instruments have a balance between sharp, bright and warm sounds adding character. It is indeed fascinating how well this track is executed, considering the complexity of musical elements involved, but it is coordinated perfectly. 

Definitely listen to 'Dancing with Evil Intent' by Elektragaaz on Soundcloud.

About Elektragaaz:

"(New York, NY) - Art meets music as the artwork of highly regarded Polish artist Ola Lubczyńska perfectly captures the seductive spirit of the lead single from the new Elektragaaz EP, the third in a series. Described by reviewers as "deliciously sinister" and "dangerous, sly, and sexy," you can hear the song on Spotify or Soundcloud. And stay tuned for the hot upcoming video of "Dancing with Evil Intent," dropping this October. The Synesthetic Picture Show Now Playing Part 3, on the AIS Records label and distributed by the Orchard, is available on all major music platforms.

Elektragaaz is a global live and virtual instrumental group featuring a mix of live and electronic music with most of the members based in the New York metropolitan area but headed by a mysterious and intensely private 19-year-old Frisian composer using the pseudonym of Poppo Redband but usually referred to as simply Redband. The group exists in both the real world and in a fictional universe, a volatile blend that can be bewitching or bewildering or both. The music too can bewitch or bewilder, drawing on such far-flung influences as classical music, hip hop, rock, club, techno, pop, dance, film noir, comic strips and video games-- all precipitated by Redband's neurological condition which causes him to see music as well as hear it. The music is arranged and produced by Trebor Lloyd of City Canyons Productions who most recently produced The Painted Caravan Trilogy for The Peter Ulrich Collaboration headed by ex Dead Can Dance percussionist Peter Ulrich."

October 14, 2021

A song of hope: 'Better Times Will Come' performed by Jeff Lake

Originally written by Janis Ian, holding a strong positive message, this fantastic cover brings us Jeff Lake's take on 'Better Times Will Come' with his mesmerising voice. 

The depth in vocals truly lifts the vibe right from the start. Starting with melodious lyrical harmonies, we get to know the true reach of Jeff's vocals. There is a consistent energy throughout, travelling from verse to chorus, accompanied by smooth, warm acoustic musical instruments like fiddle, banjo, mandolin and upright bass. The very definition of beauty in simplicity. The vocals hold vibrato and variable tonal shifts while moving smoothly through this well-composed song, showing the raw greatness of Jeff's talent. Sustaining certain musical notes is a challenge, but in this song, Jeff Lake handles the variations easily with his superb vocal range. Emotions are expressed not just through voice, but through different instruments, and can be felt delivering a feeling of hope. The uniform rhythm keeps the song wholesome with an uplifting character, making this song not just a remarkable, but a memorable one, bringing strength to our hearts. We are treated to a quick solo on multiple instruments which act as a bridge at the end of the song, adding a layer of variation. Listening to this version of 'Better Times Will Come' will definitely inspire you in hard times. 

Listen to 'Better Times Will Come' performed by Jeff Lake on Spotify.

About Jeff Lake:

"Better Times Will Come" by Jeff Lake

"Recording artist, Jeff Lake, combines elements of rock, folk, bluegrass and country music for his own brand of Americana. A multi-genre singer/songwriter, he has written music for Universal Greece recording artist, Michalis, the theme song for CBS’s Latin American Idol spinoff show, the “Nueva Estrella Awards”, as well as recent collaborations with up and coming hip hop artists, Seon and Xan Louis. As a guitarist and band-leader, Jeff has perfected his craft by playing alongside members of the Billy Joel Band, the Dennis DeYoung Band (Styx), and the Transiberian Orchestra. His career began as a frontman for hair metal band, Big Bang, opening for groups such as Winger, White Lion and Extreme. His melodic, lyric-driven songs and down-to-earth approach are gaining him an international audience.

(New York, NY) - Jeff Lake follows up his 2020 release “Cellophane Flowers” with his own solo release, “Field of Grass” - a 5 song collection of covers and originals due for digital release on 8/20/21. CDs containing a bonus track are due 10/1/21 opening with the song “Better Times Will Come” by Janis Ian.

Coming out of the gate this summer, Lake has been selected by Reverbnation as one of NYC’s Most Popular Upcoming Artists. Jeff Lake already has over 12,500 monthly listeners on Spotify via the “Penny Lane” release with Cellophane Flowers.  The new album, “Field of Grass” will be released in digital and physical outlets worldwide."

Website | Instagram | Facebook

October 12, 2021

Unleash the 'Monster' inside you with Heathensun

What an impact! Heathensun will get into your veins with those heavy guitars and thick, sharp, piercing bass, epitomising the crunchy nu-metal vibe. Groovy beats on tight upbeat drums bleed rhythm through this track, especially on the chorus. Delicious scratching/scrubbing back and forth is smooth and contributes to the rhythm extremely well. Vocals hold the same power and impact, and all other instruments and musical elements reveal their true strength as the track progresses. This track has a slight old-school feel refined by a modern touch, with ingredients mixed together so well that it uplifts your energy right from the beginning. Artistic details in the chorus, such as the guitars bringing depth with a dark melody to the already extremely impressive vocals is an amazing touch. Layered rhythmic variations, pumping with hi-hats and cymbals, piercing sharp edgy bass and guitars are all you need to go crazy with this amazing track. A melodic light synth looping in the background of the verses is a small add-on but thickens the emotion and intensity well. The lyrical arrangement that fits with the vocals, rap and rhythm will have you singing along with the vocalist. This is one band that I would love to see perform in a concert! They would blow your mind away! 'Monster' is a perfect representation of Nu Metal. Definitely listen to 'Monster' by Heathensun. Available worldwide.

About Heathensun:

'Monster' by Heathensun

"Hailing from The United States of America, HEATHENSUN is an up and coming Numetal band with a penchant for writing banging tunes and dynamic narratives. Comprised of 3 immensely talented individuals, the three-piece band is made up of Drunkndonuts on Guitar, Lo-Key on Drums, as well as Johnny Anthrax fronting the band. The members of HEATHENSUN are based out of different cities with Johnny, Charlotte NC, Drunkndonuts in Wilmington NC and Lo-Key in Greenville SC. The band was born out of the pandemic in early 2021, working together remotely to create banging masterpieces over the internet. Even though still relatively new to the scene, HEATHENSUN is already climbing the charts with their single BEACH ranked #7 on the Apple iTunes top 100 Metal USA Charts and their single JEALOUSY ranked #17 on the Apple iTunes top 100 Metal USA Charts. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, HEATHENSUN seeks to positively influence society with their music, and is well on their way to becoming one of the most phenomenal bands in our generation."

October 09, 2021

'Treating You Right' by RicoXMafioso

'Treating You Right' by Rico Gabon

RicoXMafioso spits fire in his new single, 'Treating You Right'. A rap with a perfect balance between melodies and lyrics keeps the the vibe fresh. The instrumentals in this track gives an emotional boost supporting the tone of vocals and the throw of words. The guitar holds the chord progression and starts a rhythmic pattern that evolves as the song moves on. Many musical elements in the form of loops are well placed to create a perfect, catchy rhythm before we are introduced to actual beats. RicoXMafioso then takes this track one step further, giving us the best of his voice. Lyrics are wrapped around the rhythm, as if each word is filling the gaps between the kick and snare, making for a smooth mix between verses and all the rhythmic elements sitting right behind it. RicoXMafioso's voice is the very essence of the entire track. His voice is impactful and shows real strength. An expression of deep desires through verbal artistry can be heard in this powerful single. Maintaining the traditional Hip-Hop base while showcasing new ideas and musical structure is RicoXMafioso great achievement in this track. Pumping bass, a tight kick with snare, and complex hi-hats keeps the song groovy and hot. The chorus has a totally different vibe, pushing extremely creative verbal and rhythmic patterns that shows the true potential of RicoXMafioso's talent.
'Treating You Right' will be released from 29th October 2021 worldwide.

A word from RicoXMafioso:

"I grew up on the West coast of Canada, ever since I was kid. Moved to Montreal by myself four years ago after coming out of a long term relationship. Ever since the break up I’ve attempted to make music in my basement but it sounded like garbage. Finally told myself it was time to invest in myself and become a real professional in the field of music. I’m 28 now and about to release the past projects I’ve been banking up."

October 08, 2021

‘Life Is A Day’ album by Chris Dela Cruz

‘Life Is A Day’ by Chris Dela Cruz

About ‘Life Is A Day’ an album by Chris Dela Cruz

“I started writing my album “Life Is A Day” out of my friend’s basement starting over quarantine in March 2020. I was feeling emotionally exhausted and pondering on how my worries felt so cyclical. It was a heavy period of reflection on connections I had built with my friends, family and self. I felt like they were fading. This is the thesis of the album. It discusses the growing distance I feel from those close to me. Each moment exists here and now, and forward only as memories. The album features audio samples from my childhood. It starts and ends in the same key to represent the cyclical nature of my experiences thus far. Loss, loneliness, sex, death, love… life. I hope this album makes you feel something.”

#1 ‘Morning’ is a song that expresses a feeling of missing love and precious memories. It’s a well composed mix of instruments, and the vocals are impactful. Every single sound has a meaning behind its implementation that connects it with the emotion Chris wants us to feel. As the song progresses, the words steadily merge with the instrumental, delivering a message of reminiscing and a longing to bring back the good times with long lost friends. Many small musical and vocal variations sprinkled all over the song increases the depth of expression. ‘Morning’ is a strong medium connecting us to our feelings which is just the beginning of this amazing album.

#2 ‘Ghosts’ comes with a perfect combination of warmth and energy. Interesting rhythmic patterns nicely layered with punchy drums, melodic bass patterns, crunchy guitars and powerful vocals. The chord progressions in this perfectly align with its lyrical meaning. The psychedelic angle of the genre on which Chris Deal Cruz has written this entire album truly shines in this song. The instrumental section extending the vibe at the end is layered with many sounds that are said to be Chris’s childhood audio samples - a truly artistic and genius touch, something many listeners will newly experience. ‘Ghosts’ is a beautiful story of estranged happiness expressed by metaphorical lyrics, it is truly the art of sound.

#3 ’Shades of Death’ is very reflective. A medium that manifests important life incidents and experiences of this talented writer. The interesting thing about this song is its composition and lyrical representation of Chris’s stories. The chord progression and musical variations along with melodic vocal narration is a perfect recipe. Further beyond the vocals, we are introduced to some beautiful jazz infused sections as well as varying rhythmic elements. Showcasing various shades of death throughout multiple years of life, this song holds memories and struggles to let go as life moves on. Chris expresses how things are fading away and yet we all try to feel alive regardless. The dark yet beautiful backbone of this song is the writer’s deep philosophical musings of life.

#4 ’Song About Home’ is a beautiful example of storytelling through music. Stringed instruments strum and sustain a graceful meditative feeling which holds our hand all the way through the song as it evolves throughout the verses and chorus, becoming more expressive and bold. Every instrument sings along with the vocals, making this song one of a kind. All these elements combine to provide the perfect platform for the writer to convey a very personal message to his listeners. The consistency of ambience generated from this song can be clearly felt, yet in contrast to the previous tracks on this EP, the vocals have a deeper tone. The addition of the violin is the sweet cherry on the top of all the instrumental layers, accompanied by the softer and wider perspective of a synth, both ensuring the song’s vibrancy, maintaining its psychedelic roots.

#5 ’Theatre’ reveals a grander jazz presence to the EP, with melodic progressions and other elements scattered throughout the song. Vocals here are harmonic. There is an interesting approach towards panning instruments, balancing the overall mix, allowing for smooth transitions. This song, like others in this absorbing EP, has a slightly loose song structure, delightfully breaking methodological rules to try something new and experimental. The vocals are well performed and tell us a simple tale of visiting a theatre with friends which further serves as a metaphor for the greatest show on earth - life. Chris, like many of us, reflects on which role he could have played, showing us the simple yet exceedingly thoughtful expression behind this song. Maintaining its indie roots and injecting a jazz element makes ‘Theatre’ a truly unique experience.

#6 ‘Interlude’ begins with a soothing clean guitar tone followed up by clean, strong vocals. The composition of ‘Interlude’ revolves around the lyrics which makes a meaningful impact. There are many significant changes and variations happening throughout as the vocals reveal a more in-depth context behind this song. This track makes for a unique transition between tracks on this EP, and is the writer’s representation, or thought, of the cyclical nature of people coming and going throughout your life, and sometimes, how we eventually forget them. The chorus is strangely addictive, layered by psychedelic synths that play beautifully alongside every other element. Creative vocal harmonies, a unique bassline and multiple drum patterns deliver the vibe. Once again, this song keeps hold of the roots of its genre. Short and snappy thought it is, it’s very catchy.

#7 ‘Undercover’ raises the lyrical bar higher. We begin with a subtle guitar tune to set the atmosphere accompanied by strong vocals. With the absence of drums for most of the first half of the song, the energy powerfully builds, holding excitement till the snare hits. There are many undercover musical elements working together behind the vocals that can be heard and felt. For example, a left panned audio sample that loops infinitely gives a hint of the pace or speed of this song. Well thought out pauses and silences broken only guitars being played in between verses and chorus etc. is a well achieved masterful touch and keeps the song engaging throughout. Slowly introducing beats at the end, this song takes a turn towards the instrumental section which brings our ride to a close. ‘Undercover’ is a song that carries an expression of obsessive love and hidden feelings, a message many of us can identify with.

#8 ‘Lone Ranger’ continues the poetic and melodic journey further into Chris’s thoughts and feelings. Warm guitar patterns and a groovy rhythm, accompanied by drums and bass which press a well-defined depth carry the pace of this song. Chris’s vocals dominate once again with his lyrical magic. This song has a different structure and overall tone than previous songs in the EP. It is straightforward but hits harder. Jazz elements, violins and synths are layered quietly throughout the song. As the song draws closer to the end, a punchy, highly-energetic instrumental section reveals the true power of each instrument as well as strengthening the meaning of the song. Chris poetically and metaphorically writes about an individual referred to as ‘Lone Ranger’, telling us the story of how this caring yet solitary character could have experienced love and care, too, if only they had shared something of the feelings they were holding inside.

#9 ’11pm for 24 Minutes’ is calm and warm. Until now we have understood the artistic and poetic form of all previous songs on this EP and this song continues to fascinate us. It is abstract and ambient with layered acoustic instruments. Reverb and delays are creatively implemented along with vocal harmonies. Holding a loose grip on rhythm but staying true to its genre, this song expresses a tale of love and missing using various musical elements, and vocal and poetic devices. In this song, we are introduced to a deeper, warmer vibe. Vocals have become softer and higher pitched, unlocking a realm of melodies expanded further by instrumentals. It gives a feeling of ease and a simultaneous struggle to find peace. Sustained notes are shared by the instruments and vocals, creating an engaging sound specific to this song. Feelings and expressions are not just plainly delivered but are a stylized representation of an artist’s true emotions and experiences.

#10 ‘Last Dance’ expresses the sentiment of not knowing how much time we have left with anyone, and holding on to the good times, knowing they don’t last. Energetic, powerful, bassy and truly indie, this song is fast-paced, lending to its lyrical meaning. Those glittery, crispy electric guitars shine to their full glory, strumming wide! Perfectly compressed and balanced distortion, heavy drums chasing the next beat, speedy synths, and vocals pouring beautiful words by the bucketful carry the composition to the next level. Delightful with a hint of grunge, this song is a new ride. We are gifted with a guitar solo connecting two sections. In some parts the synth dominates, switching up the vibe. It has become somewhat of a signature to end every song on the EP with an artistic musical passage, and this song doesn’t disappoint. We end with an experimental rhythmic jazz wind-down. Such a drastic switch is hard to achieve but is masterfully and cleverly performed. A sheer treat to listeners.

#11 ‘Night’ is the final song of this album. A metaphorical, poetic trip into the comforting cover of night and the contrasting reality of the day. The vibe is similar to some previous songs in every positive way but uniquely composed. Variable ups and downs in the form of melodies and harmonies will make us feel like this song is extremely well improvised. The structure of traditional music is well challenged again and again throughout this album as experienced in this song, too. Mellow guitars besides Chris’s sweet vocals are the definition of beauty in simplicity in music. Later on in the track, the guitars are used to break silences, transitioning to a fuller section of the song where the music almost speaks to you itself. Complex musical compositions for each instrument dissolving in each other leads this song and the EP to a graceful and hopeful conclusion, leaving us with a feeling of wanting more.

About Chris Dela Cruz
“My name is Chris Dela Cruz, an independent singer-songwriter from the Poconos, Pennsylvania, USA. I write lyric centric psych-indie rock songs with jazz elements. I have heard my sound compared to Bright Eyes, The Cure, and Arctic Monkeys. I am releasing two singles on September 10th and 24th while my debut full-length album “Life Is A Day” is set to release October 8th.”

Website | Instagram | Youtube

October 05, 2021

Marshall Oakman empowering the world with his new single 'She’s No Doll, She’s a Woman'

'She's No Doll, She's a Women' by Marshall Oakman

Marshall Oakman's 'She's No Doll, She's a Woman' is the second single from his upcoming EP, and displays writing range with its catchy sing-along vibe.

'She’s No Doll, She’s a Woman' also features the work of legendary New York based musicians Kasim Sultan (on bass), Liberty Devitto (on drums), and Paul Pesco (on guitar). 

Heading into this track we are treated to a very melodic start! Then we're introduced to artistic chord progressions with a strong message. The dominating vocals of Marshall Oakman produce powerful energy with a fresh tune. This delightfully composed and crafted song has a unique take on smooth, mesmerising piano - the very soul of this song. Keeping the strength and pace, the constantly evolving musical elements is pure genius. The chorus hits hard, sitting on a platform of lyrically meaningful verses,  allowing the chorus the perfect build up. Punchy drums set a strong beat, adding to the intensity of rhythm. Warm bass mixed with wide guitars sits right behind the piano, adding depth. Rhythmic and melodic variations are sprinkled all over this engaging song, keeping it bright and rich till the end, making for such an empowering piece of art. Not just the music, but the strong lyrics by Marshall shows us his dedication to delivering a beautiful, powerful message. 

She’s No Doll, She’s a Woman is about recognising, with appreciation, the indispensable significance and depth women have in our lives. This is underscored by stating they are not dolls, things or property. 

Definitely listen to 'She's No Doll, She's A Woman' by Marshall Oakman on Spotify.

'She’s No Doll, She’s a Woman' by Marshall Oakman cover art

About Marshall Oakman:

"Marshall Oakman is a prolific, New York based performing singer-songwriter.

At about six years of age, he first fixed his eyes on a piano. Pressing down on the black and white shapes, he discovered a timbre and texture that revealed magical keys to open doors that never close. As time passed, songs were born, flowing with a life of their own. Over the years, Oakman has honed his craft, creating a vast catalogue spanning a lifetime.

Vibrant, iconic pop/rock shimmers with Beatlesque harmonies, blending timeless themes, thoughtfully embraced and melded to magnetic melodies. Listeners find themselves hitting repeat and play, over and over again.

Marshall has energetically driven his skills as a spirited performer in regions along and beyond the East Coast such as the New York metropolitan area, upstate New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

His recorded songs include top musicians who have performed and/or recorded with Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Daryl Hall, Madonna, Hall & Oates, Steve Winwood, Jennifer Lopez, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Richie Sambora, Indigo Girls, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Blue Oyster Cult, Todd Rundgren, Patti Smith, Meat Loaf, The New Cars, Alicia Keys, Gary U.S. Bonds, and Mitch Ryder.

In line with the positive spark of his song, Nothing’s Holding Me Back, which is part of the soundtrack for the independently produced film, Townies, from Marshall’s album entitled 24/Seven, Marshall is hopeful his music will encourage and inspire fans to appreciate and enjoy the gift of life every day."

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September 27, 2021

Experience the emotional depth by Rory D'Lasnow with 'Where You Belong'

'Where You Belong' by Rory D'Lasnow

Starting with soft and smooth acoustic guitars that really set a soothing tone, this song is the definition of 'beauty in simplicity'. 

Rory D'Lasnow's voice will surely mesmerise, and before you know it, you'll be drifting away on the sheer vibe of this song. The lyrics are very expressive and depth can be felt in the words as well as the composition. Rory's minimal approach towards instrumentals, and vocals that express emotions through meaningful words will ensure that this song sinks warmly into your memory.

Rory D'Lasnow's control over the range of strength and softness of voice, and the way each end of that scale is used to express and support the lyrics is a real touch of genius, creating a strong medium between the artist and the hearts of listeners.

Deeper into the song synth pads emerge to sustain notes, not too dominating, just perfectly sitting behind the vocals and guitar. Lyrical phrases with meaningful pauses lead to a perfect balance of musical elements and vocals. Reverb in this song has its own place, and can be heard at a distance, pouring more into the emotion that this song delivers. 'Where You Belong' is a wonderful warm track that will stay with you for a long time.

Listen to 'Where You Belong' by Rory D'Lasnow on Spotify.

About Rory D'Lasnow:

"Rory D’Lasnow is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey who plays the guitar upside-down and backward. His unique contemplative sound has propelled him on to perform at some of the East Coast's most distinguished venues such as Mercury Lounge, Knitting Factory, Rockwood Music Hall in NYC and The Saint in Asbury Park. His penchant for evocative and vulnerable storytelling has earned him international radio airplay and has garnered praise from the likes of American Songwriter and Atwood Magazine. This year, Rory released his new EP, entitled “Songs From An Empty Room."

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September 19, 2021

Feel the magic and mystery of 'Someone to Rely On' by All Eyes

'Someone to Rely On' by All Eyes

Very atmospheric, this song slowly takes over your mind. The synchronisation of bass-line and beats is so well composed that it will definitely trigger hidden emotions. The leading vocals are fresh and bold. The voice has a perfect balance of a clean and breathy tone which is stylistically used, truly mesmerising! The warmth of the synth pads sits in the background gradually revealing a sweet chord progression accompanying the vocals among the beats and the bass-line. This combination unlocks the true potential of this song, a magical and mysterious yet familiar vibe. As the song moves on, we experience the art of sound through vocal harmonies and variations in musical elements. The guitar fills the empty spaces with melodies pushing the boundaries and impact. This song is completely absorbing and its message related to self-observation or introspection and figuring out conscious thoughts and feelings.

 Definitely listen to 'Someone to Rely On' by All Eyes on Bandcamp.

A word about All Eyes:

"Minnesota's frigid reputation dissembles its true nature, which is a place of deep contrast. Bitter cold winters give way to lush, humid summers. A warm, over-polite reaction often means keep your distance. Some who stay here learn to embrace dissimilarity. Such is the case for Alicia & Joe Christenson, who make music as All Eyes. Their sound "restlessly push[es] at the margins, shifting and morphing, defying... broad categorization" (Jonathan Garrett, City Pages).

The couple is veterans of the Minneapolis music scene -- Alicia as a singer, songwriter, and keyboardist, and Joe as a producer and guitarist -- and they came together just as Alicia dreamt up All Eyes's first release, Shelf Life. The album explores themes of loss, connection, helplessness, and resolve. The sonics contrast live and programmed drums, jarring guitars, and Alicia's haunting, whispery vocals. 

The couple explores similar themes and sounds on their second release, Change. Synths, programmed drums, and vocal harmonies feature more prominently, but the songs and production continue to toy with boundaries and expectations. "

Website | Instagram | Bandcamp

September 17, 2021

'No Made Promises' by Melissa Cherie is a flawless medium of expressions and emotions

'No Made Promises' by Melissa Cherie

Mellow, clean electric guitars set the melodic atmosphere around us, while strong depth of creative chord progressions perfectly trigger the emotion of this song. Low, smooth bass playing at the back of colourful guitars adds warmth. We are quickly introduced to the mesmerising, hypnotising and distinctive voice of Melissa Cherie with thoughtful lyrics. Every element together in this song offers a form of escapism. This track is extremely well composed, evolving yet maintaining a consistent vibe, like stepping up on a ladder each time a new instrument is introduced. A truly artistic approach. Drums and a pinch of other percussive instruments set a reliable rhythm, the kick and snare keeping time like a clock ticking, pacing the song until the end. There is so much to explore in this song - beautiful vocal harmonies, acoustic piano and violins with sustaining ambient sounds touch the peak of the listeners emotion. In a whole new turn, this song walks us engagingly to the end, adding a rock element with magnified, crispy electric guitars, drums and bass dominated by powerful vocals and harmonies. With the addition of bass vocals accompanying Melissa's voice, this song surprises the listener by adding a touch of brass which really showcases the experimental side of this song. As smoothly it all started, smoothly it ends. 

Definitely listen to 'No Made Promises' by Melissa Cherie on Spotify.

About Melissa Cherie

"Melissa Cherie is a singer-songwriter with a band from northern NJ.  For fans of: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Death Cab for Cutie."

To find out more about Melissa, visit Melissa's Website and follow her on Instagram.

September 11, 2021

Take a deep dive with 'Now' by Eunith

'Now' by Eunith

This song starts with clean, edgy, powerful guitars strumming left and right, fuelling the pacey rhythm from its core. The groove comes from the heavy kick which drives powerfully throughout, accompanied by the warm bass, bringing depth. With all these elements layered nicely, we are introduced to great storytelling vocals . As the song moves on, it unleashes vibrant colourful form. Eunith's melodic low and high pitch vocals continue to intrigue and the addition of a cool guitar solo adds variation to the overall mix. Holding on to the consistency of each and every element maintains the energy throughout. This atmospheric song would be the perfect company during a soothing late night drive. 

'Now' by Eunith is available on all good streaming platforms.

Watch this official music video of 'Now' by Eunith.

About Eunith:

"American singer, songwriter, and producer Eunith balances his love of dance music with the influences of garage rock, indie pop, and hardcore from his adolescence.

The musical development behind Eunith is marked by several stages throughout his life: 

• Piano child 

• Guitar kid 

• EDM nerd 

• Ambient fan 

• Funk wannabe 

• and finally acceptance of the self

While many of his musical influences are apparent upon first listen, some less-obvious artists have been integral to the evolution of Eunith's sound, including Yanni, Iron & Wine, and The Fall of Troy.

Hailing from central California, he has taken his sweet time over the course of a few years to slowly write and revisit each of his planned releases for 2021. Most recently, he has embarked upon the arduous task of creating a music video for each single released this year, hopefully totalling 6 by year's end. As Eunith's songs were written sparsely over long periods of time, oscillations between genres and instruments are certainly present, and to be expected for future releases as well."

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September 07, 2021

Vibe along to 'Want You So Bad' by Square Dance Caller

'Want You So Bad' by Square Dance Caller

This punchy, groovy song lays down a heavy rhythm from the get go, tamed by a sweet piano. There is a consistent energy right from the start which sets a bright head-bobbing mood. The guitar and bass tone really fit the vibe and uplifts the rhythmic pattern. Vocals are really well performed, defining the lyrics. Higher and lower octave vocals are layered and make the composition more prominent - really thoughtful! The dramatic pause linking at the end of the first verse keeps the beat running and is a great add-on as the chorus is revealed. Many interesting musical and rhythmic elements are introduced along the way, like claps and synth in the second verse. The song genuinely continues to evolve little by little, each element making a huge addition to the flow of the song, keeping the track interesting and delightfully non-predictive. An extraordinary radio effect on the vocals that has a panned delay at its tail with the chorus running along side is such a genius way to end the song! 

Definitely listen to 'Want You So Bad' by Square Dance Caller on Spotify.

About Square Dance Caller:

"Sibling duo Square Dance Caller entered the music scene earlier this year with their debut single “Swimming Pool”, a sold-out show at The Workers Club in Melbourne, huge success at College Radio in the US and the blogging and playlisting world in Europe. The brothers released their second single ‘Electric Sleep’ with a video that was a nod to their Grandfather, featuring footage of him in his prime as an actual square dance caller. An in-demand show at The Workers Club, which was marred by all things Covid. Now the brothers return with their eagerly awaited third single ‘Want You So Bad’, a song that will have you dancing from your kitchen to your lounge and spinning to your bedroom until the clubs re-open."

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September 04, 2021

'Waiting Right Here' by FEVERDREAMS is a colourful work of art

'Waiting Right Here' by FEVERDREAMS

Everything about this song is unique. Starting straight away with clean, crispy-sounding guitars playing wide, accompanied by muted soft drums, both setting rhythm and defining depth immediately. As we get into the the track, we are introduced to an equally soothing yet powerful voice which walks us confidently into the first chorus. A sweet silence wraps around all these elements, interwoven with a smooth, fading reverb lasting enough to sustain the emotion that the FEVERDREAMS want us to experience. Slowly and steadily the song evolves from a peaceful softness to an energetic blast. Surprisingly, we are also introduced to some amazing violins at this point which become a transitional medium, leading towards another heartfelt verse. As the track evolves, further vocals, variations and harmonies grow more dominant, and beautifully written lyrics become the main interest. The bass has its own place in this song, teaming up well with the drums to bring a thick warmth. As the second chorus greets us, the vocals are reaching fine high notes, the drums have a touch of variation, and now we are introduced to the piano, adding an overall super-melodic taste to this passionate piece. A wonderful guitar solo emerges, pulling us into the peak of the tracks energy, but doesn't detracts from the true warm heart of the song. As the song ends, the emotional smoke is cleared to leave us with a wonderful feeling of hope.

Definitely listen to 'Waiting Right Here' by FEVERDREAMS on Spotify.

A word from FEVERDREAMS:

"Comprised of Adam Gardner, Matt Portelli and Liam Whittaker, FEVERDREAMS is an energetic and exciting rock trio who revel in performing for audiences around Melbourne.

FEVERDREAMS plays with limitless energy and writes with heartfelt passion. Our music is more than just self-expression, it’s our way of sharing stories with the world. As bandmates and friends, we have grown a lot together over the last two years, experiencing and overcoming tremendous loss. Our music is about reflection: of life, of ourselves and those around us.

The shared musical and life experiences of the trio culminated into making the band the tight-knit group it is today. It’s now hard to imagine life without each other, both on and off the stage."

Facebook | Instagram

August 26, 2021

Discover a new ‘Spark’ by ena b.

Discover a new ‘Spark’ by ena b.

This song has its own unique place when it comes to ena b.’s voice and simple yet meaningful lyrics. ‘Spark’ starts with a piano accompanied by vocals, a very soft synth, and a rhythmic echo, immediately setting a vibe and depth of this song. As the song goes on, the depth grows and your understanding of the true nature of this song grows with it. Dominating vocals frame beautiful words. As the track progresses more and more layers of instruments are gently revealed, and the balance between every element is maintained. Guitars play, seemingly in the distance and drums are introduced expanding the audible picture. As the song enters its final stage, all the pieces connect together creating a peak of emotion. ena b. brings a hope through ‘Spark’.

Listen to ‘Spark’ by ena b. on Spotify.

About ena b.

"ena b. (aka Verena Bachinger) is an Austrian singer-songwriter based in Lisbon, Portugal. She writes about the places, people and experiences that have shaped her life and the things in the world that inspire us to speak out. Her journey as a songwriter began in 2014, when she began studying composition and writing songs in Jerusalem, Israel. Over the next 2 years, she experimented writing in various genres and styles before moving to Lisbon in 2016. Once in Lisbon, she began to write in earnest, tapping into a deep well of inspiration from her past and present, honing her craft and developing her own style. Influenced by the sounds of Americana, indie and classic folk, garage and artists like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Cat Power and Aimee Mann, she wrote dozens of songs and collaborated with various musicians from Israel, Portugal, USA and Austria."

July 24, 2021

Get empowered with 'We Could Be Kings' by Esha K.

Get empowered with 'We Could Be Kings' by Esha K.

A true indie rock single, this song by Esha K. takes over your mind with its catchy and addictive tune. 
Easy going chord progressions with nicely composed verses drive the song towards the chorus. The vocals build in the first verse, transforming into a strong and uplifting chorus which demonstrates the range of Esha K.'s voice. The chorus is impactful, starting with a punch of guitars and drums, both wrapping around the voice, making for an extremely empowering song. A touch of overdrive effect, combined with reverb on the vocals, and overall compression impart character. 
The energy of both the instruments and vocals are thoughtfully variable -  a brilliant way to compose a song as the lyrics hold variable emotion and meaning, mirroring the energy.

Definitely listen to 'We Could Be Kings' by Esha K. on Spotify.

About Esha K.:

"Esha K., a San Francisco Bay Area native, is an alternative-rock/indie vocalist and songwriter with extensive experience within the music industry. Influenced by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Jeff Buckley, and James Bay, her music incorporates a unique blend of heartfelt lyrics, powerful vocals, and catchy guitar riffs to deliver songs that appeal to people from all walks of life. Esha is passionate to use her position as a woman in the music industry, and as a person of colour, to bring a fresh perspective and sound to the alternative rock genre."

Website | Instagram | Facebook

July 21, 2021

Feel the depth of emotion with 'A Stranger I Know' by Lucia Desimone

Feel the depth of emotion with 'A Stranger I Know' by Lucia Desimone

Purely soothing acoustic guitars and the amazingly calm voice of Lucia immediately takes over a restless mind. She introduces a vibe that wraps you with emotion. Lucia's voice is a medium for sharing feelings. Her words have been composed thoughtfully and the music has been used as an expression to explain the true meaning of those words. 

There is a perfect combination of vocals and guitars across this song. A touch of guitar solo introduces beats which last, adding a variation with the purpose of fulfilling the flow of emotions, like a flow of the river. Vocal harmonies are sprinkled throughout adding interest. The core of this song are the spaces filled by the reverb of various instrumental elements leaving a long lasting impact. 

Definitely listen to 'A Stranger I Know' by Lucia Desimone on Spotify.

About Lucia Desimone:

"I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I grew up in Milan, Italy. I am currently majoring in songwriting with a minor in production from Berklee College of Music. I am planning to release an EP with original music soon as well as covers from artists that inspire my songwriting techniques."

Instagram | Spotify

July 09, 2021

Grunge lives! 'Who You Are' by Just A Ride

'Who You Are' by Just A Ride

Just A Ride has done it again! 'Who You Are' is another rock powerhouse of a track which carries with it the same legacy of high energy and strength which saturate all of Just A Ride's previous releases.
Grunge guitars are the hero of this track, supported by punchy, strong drums and bass, and all are interwoven with high-impact vocals which drive the listeners emotions throughout. From start to end the strength and combination of every individual element in this track fuels emotion. There's a welcome yet surprising jump from its heavy grunge chorus, to a clean sound with soft vocals, and then moving straight into a sick guitar solo. 'Who You Are' is really very thoughtfully composed and shows the dedication of the artists who aren't afraid to break barriers and push for something unique. That being said, ‘Who You Are’ would also sit perfectly alongside works of such peers as Stone Temple Pilots and 90’s Red Hot Chili Peppers.

'Who You Are' by Just A Ride is available worldwide for streaming. It's not one you should miss!

Lead Vocalist, Rodney Henderson, states:

"'Who You Are' explores the struggle I’ve faced to make long term positive change in my life. This song was written at a really dark point during the height of the 2020 COVID pandemic and explores feelings of self doubt; the crippling fear that regardless of what I do I will fail.
I have really channeled my energy in this song as a sort of rallying cry to break out of this negative cycle and break free of these self enforced shackles.”

About Just A Ride:

Nottingham based band, Just A Ride, are on a mission to revive the spirit of the early 90s alternative rock scene that burst out of Seattle and influenced a generation.

Huge fans of Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam; the UK-based four-piece draws its influence from that era. Combining this with their millennial punk rock and nu-metal upbringing the result is a sound that carries the legacy of grunge with a contemporary twist.

June 28, 2021

Everyone can relate to 'Echoing' by Lotte Pearl

'Echoing' by Lotte Pearl

A song to which most of us can relate! 'Echoing' is completely wrapped by Lotte's soothing vocals and soft indie guitars. Lotte's voice has a good range, and with this range the voice has still managed to pull off all the emotion that this song needs without over-sharpening or being harsh. 

The most creative part of this song is the way words are placed around the beats keeping the melody intact. Arranging lyrics written in the form of a casual style with a rhythm that carries the interesting and core musical element throughout, is really something Lotte has successfully done. We also get a treat of a guitar solo along the way and can also enjoy the flexible vibrato in Lotte's voice.

Definitely listen to 'Echoing' by Lotte Pearl on Youtube

A note from Lotte Pearl:

"Hello! My name is Lotte I am an 18 year old singer-songwriter from Lewes in England. I have been gigging around local venues since I was 16! In early 2020 I released my first single 'Jet Black Hair' after recording it in my grandma's house with my new gear I got for Christmas. I have released an EP and two singles, in late 2020 I had my debut London gig. Some of my musical inspirations are 21 pilots, Leonard Cohen, and MIKA. I would describe my style as alternative Indie pop!"


June 21, 2021

Dwell on dreams with 'Life Inside a Dream' by Stains of a Sunflower

'Life Inside a Dream' by Stains of a Sunflower

'Life Inside a Dream' is a song that perfects the interpretation of what a dream can be! 
This song sets a solid rhythm from the very beginning and then fills with a beautiful spiral of variations. Here, the concept of a dream is where you are free from reality and reality is bound by limits and this song unleashes the true meaning of a dream by the way it is written as well as composed. The chord progression in this song is well thought out and creates a dreamy vibe. The vocals have the perfect balance of strength and softness, and, with a delicate touch of harmonies, the singer has fulfilled the emotion that this song intends to deliver to listeners. The bass-line is well composed and runs nicely underneath with the drums further sustaining a strong energy. 
With all the vocals and instruments combined, this song has one more layer that really defines a life inside a dream and it's not just that it has well written lyrics, but a unique reverse sampling effect that is not overdone but has, in fact, become the signature of this song.

Definitely listen to 'Life Inside a Dream' by Stains of a Sunflower which was released on 21st June 2021 and is available everywhere.

About Stains of a Sunflower:

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Stains of a Sunflower is the 90’s nostalgia soaked rock band you never knew you needed, but can’t stop thinking about once heard. Started in Boston, MA in 2015, they have dazzled audiences around the country from basements in Allston, MA to The Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA. Their most recent EP, You Know it’s Such a Shame (2020), was described as “A trio of gorgeously sleek and potent anthems that center around Renée’s ever emphatic praise of the female spirit, unfolding with a sonic extravagance—like a Baz Luhrmann film meets 60’s Beatnik-transcendentalism—that the lead-singer never fails to go toe-to-toe with in her throaty cries” - Steven Ward, Grimy Goods. Inspired by modern influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, Death Cab for Cutie, Blur, Paramore, and Bent Knee, Stains of a Sunflower never fails to deliver a unique and well-developed approach to “rock” in both their music and performances.

June 16, 2021

Live the memories with 'Nothing's Gonna Change This' by Vacant Bays

'Nothing's Gonna Change This' by 'Vacant Bays'

Simplicity is the key element of this song, and yet the vibe you feel runs much deeper. It has many subtle details placed nicely throughout.

It's very catchy! This is helped along by a smooth combination of glittering guitars with minimal and intelligent chord progressions, and clean, amazing vocals. The warmth of the vocals create a soothing, optimistic feeling, and the punchy bass-line and thick drums are performed well, bringing a comforting weight. 

This song will surely keep you engaged in dreams and memories. A song that everyone can relate to and enjoy!

'Nothing's Gonna Change This' by Vacant Bays was released on 16th June 2021 and is available on all streaming platforms.

Vacant Bays in their own words:

"Vacant Bays is a British duo from London, coming from humble beginnings as self-made independent artists. We draw on our love of all different music like rock, jazz, country and folk to create our unique sound that is hard to find anywhere else. This year we hope to continue to put out even more heart-warming music, and maybe meet a few happy faces when venues re-open for live performing."

Website |  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

June 02, 2021

Feel like home with 'A Place Called Home' by Izzy Potter

'A Place Called Home' by Izzy Potter

It all starts with ambient sounds and then the soothing guitar and vocals take over your mind. ‘A Place Called Home’ is a song that will make you miss the place you always wanted to be. The voice in this song is a storyteller, it sets the mood and vibe of this song. The casual lyrics will make it endearing and personal to everyone for sure. Soft melodic elements are placed in the background nicely that run along the vocals throughout. The emotions that this song holds are well delivered. Subtle vocal harmonics make the track feel larger than life. A great start and a great end to the song definitely leaves a mark. The consistency of maintaining the vibe is well executed and there are many subtle layers that increase the depth. 
Great song! Do listen to ‘A Place Called Home’ by Izzy Potter on popular streaming platforms -  https://songwhip.com/izzypotter/place-called-home

Izzy Potter in her own words:

"Hi! I’m Izzy and I’m a 17 year old singer-songwriter from New York! I’ve been writing songs since I was 12 but music has always been something I loved since I was younger. I currently have 2 singles out now titled “Place Called Home” and “Selfish” and another one dropping soon which I’m very excited to announce. I plan to release an EP over the summer and am so excited to finish that up and share a piece of my heart with the world. Music is my greatest passion and I can’t imagine my life having any purpose without it. I hope if you take the time to listen to my music you’ll enjoy!"

June 02, 2021

Get hooked up to beautiful alt single 'Vile!' by ‘Barbizon’

'Vile!' by 'Barbizon'

'Vile!' by Barbizon is not just a song, it's a journey! A journey through various melodic and rhythmic variations. This song has a delightful mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds - very thoughtful composition. There are meaningful transitions which keeps it interesting till the end, and many noticeable and hidden elements scattered throughout that push the vibe even further. Very well done! The vocals are performed in a way which set the mood of this song nicely. Not at all overdone, the effects on vocals are a treat and so is the sweet reverbs and delays that are placed softly over it. The rhythm changes performed are next level. They literally change the strength and impact of the emotions that the song pushes the listener to feel. The piano in this song is the cherry on top! 

Great song! Definitely listen to ‘Vile!’ by ‘Barbizon’ on Spotify.

About ‘Barbizon’

Barbizon is an emerging band based out of Vancouver, BC. The name serves as a pseudonym for James McKitrick, the author and composer of the bands’ songs. The female vocalist is Pelin Dogdas, a friend of James, they met during their studies at the University of British Columbia. Barbizon has been playing at different shows and bars all around British Columbia, Alberta, Toronto as well as New York, where James had the extraordinary privilege to perform some songs at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, where renowned poet Allen Ginsberg performed many times.

Website - linktr.ee/BarbizonMusic

May 29, 2021

It's powerful, its catchy, its 'Cat' by Ania!

'Cat' by Ania

What makes this song special? Well, everything! 'Cat', performed by Ania is a powerful, punchy single from start to end. Ania's voice perfectly fits for such an energetic song. The vocals have lots of depth, and invokes a range of moods. Completely electronic synth-pop, this song sounds futuristic but also gives a certain vintage electronic vibe. This empowering song is filled with variations in vocals as well as in electronic beats and sounds. The vibe of this song is metaphorical energy drink. Another thing that's amazing about Ania's voice is the range, as the voice covers higher and lower notes equally. Definitely listen to the catchy synthpop 'Cat' by Ania on Spotify.

Ania's story:

"For 12 years, (2007-2019) I had been a singer in rock/metal bands. That experience helped me to understand how the music industry works. In 2019's November, I felt ready to express myself, as a solo artist. This project is my other side. I wanna share with people, my feelings, my story, my pain, my deepest inner thoughts, in a surrealistic way, so that's the reason why I chose 80s synth-pop upbeat, freedom vibe. The last thing that I add to my music is a little bit of my mental illness because I try to make my songs more relatable. Music is the only thing, that is always there for me, helped me to survive, and never abandoned me. Hope my fans will feel the same way. My first single Fade away, was written about after a heartbreak, and that was the point when I decided, I'll make my EP about this process. Soon I released Cut, my second chapter in that story, I talked about isolation, leave before they leave situation, dissociation, and self harm, bet that wasn't your first thought, and that's how mental illness can be, you only just see the surface. My third release came out 2021.05.21. and dig deeper in this journey."

Ania singer songwriter

Website - https://linktr.ee/aniacorporation

YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

May 28, 2021

Go on a ride with 'Time is running out' song by 'Just A Ride'

'Time is running out' by 'Just A Ride'

Punchy and powerful, 'Time is running out' is a song packed with a piercing energy. The character of this song evolves in such a way that it will keep you hooked till the end. The track is perfectly balanced throughout. The guitars and bass - grungy and melodic in every way. You can feel the kick and the snare snap through the mix, maintains the beat seamlessly. Every instrument is performed to its full potential, just like the vocals. Yet, even as every instrument is holding their individual lofty position in the track, the vocals do not fall back at all, and present beautiful harmonies that unleashes the true emotion of this song. This is a track that keep on giving. 

'Time is running out' by 'Just A Ride' was released on 28th May 2021 and is available on your favourite streaming platform.

About the band:

'Just a Ride' is on a mission to revive the spirit of the early 90s alternative rock scene that burst out of Seattle and influenced a generation. Huge fans of Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, the UK-based four-piece draws its influence from that era. Combining this with their millennial punk rock and nu-metal upbringing the result is a sound that carries the legacy of grunge with a contemporary twist. Founded by former Violent Delight bandmates Rod Henderson (vocals) and Drew Lowe (guitar), drummer Alex Bailey and bassist Russ Stedman complete the lineup. Having recently recorded their debut album the band is ready to take the rock world by storm. Scheduled for release in September, the album is currently being mixed by the legendary Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Therapy, Biffy Clyro, The Pixies).

'Just A Ride' on Instagram | Spotify | Youtube

May 18, 2021

Fall in love with a 'Hopeless Lover' by Larry Olusegun

Larry Olusegun's single 'Hopeless Lover'

Beautifully written, beautifully composed and most importantly, beautifully performed by Larry Olusegun. 

Every element of this song holds its own strong impact on the listener, and the vibe is well sustained throughout. Raw acoustic guitars with vocals in the beginning builds the feeling of this song, slowly merging into a bigger and larger perspective that Larry wants to deliver to the listeners. Vocal harmonies are nicely placed around the main vocals and there is indeed an organ (keyboard instrument) being played that sits at the very back of this song if you focus on it- very thoughtful and creative. Drums and bass brings the thickness and heaviness, and, in contrast, the guitar solo is soothing yet powerful.

Listen to Larry Olusegen's 'Hopeless Lover' on Spotify or visit Here to listen on other streaming platforms.

About Larry:

Larry Olusegun (stage name, LANRAY) is a singer/songwriter from the Dallas area in the US. He enjoys captivating his audience in a roller coaster of feelings with his writing style and performance presence. With a voice that is bound to keep you locked in, a story you are bound to relate to, his choice of sensitive and personal lyrics, Larry takes you on a journey outside of this world. 

Larry assumed responsibility for his future when at the age of thirteen, lost his father to a sickness. As a kid who spent the first sixteen years of his life in Nigeria, Africa, he had his mind made up to be an electrical engineer. In early 2016, he bought a $40 guitar from Amazon, (just for fun, as he’d put it) and taught himself how to play it from YouTube videos. Little did he know that it was the start of something big in his life. After spending some quality time learning his favourite songs, at the age of eighteen, Larry had soon developed an aptitude for writing songs. His journey through life has always been his number one inspiration for his music.

Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

May 17, 2021

'I Trust You', a delightful Jazz single by Ashlyn Nicole

Ashlyn Nicole is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Her style is a blend of classical with contemporary overlaid with various jazz influences. Each of her songs are purposed to spread a message of hope and love for those who are lost and brokenhearted. In addition to being a solo artist, she also sings harmonies and backup vocals, and plays keys with the urban folk band Welcome Home.

A message from the artist:

"'I Trust You' came out of an honest reflection of the way I respond to difficult situations. As I’ve grown in my faith over the years, I feel like I have been quicker to trust in the Lord during the tough times. It’s like there is a history book of God’s faithfulness in my life that I can look back on. This helps me choose to trust Him during the present difficulties as I remember how He’s always come through for me in the past. And I can trust Him to continue to do so. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s always easy to do so. Or that I feel that peace and assurance right away. There are definitely times of mourning, struggle, and crying out to God in frustration or asking why. But, after the tears and the questioning and frustration, I always ultimately come back to understanding and proclaiming the truth that I so assuredly know. He has proven Himself faithful in my hard situations time and time again. And so I can say, at the end of every hard day, that no matter what, I will trust Him. I like to think that this song is characterised by a sassy honesty that is further complemented by the Latin-jazz inspired rhythm and instrumentation!"

'I Trust You' by Ashlyn Nicole was released on 17th May 2021 and is available on your favourite streaming platforms.

Instagram | Website

May 16, 2021

There is something about 'Monsters' by 'Ambrosia Lynne' that sticks in your mind!

This song starts with lone piano and ventures deeper and darker in tone as the voice becomes more prominent. This song is purely crafted on vocals and piano, and created a Victorian era vibe, that I find quite intriguing. 'Monsters' is an example how a single note can be sustained enough to single-handedly invoke emotions, and a feeling of something unknown, and even fearful. Slightly leaning towards the vintage classical genre, 'Monsters' is beautifully presented By Ambrosia. 

'Monsters' by Ambrosia Lynne is available on Spotify.

About the artist:

Ambrosia Lynne is a singer/songwriter from Muskegon, MI, in the United States. Her musical interest started as a young child with singing and violin, then quickly grew into theatre, piano, choir and music production. Ambrosia currently teaches strings, voice, piano, and ukelele at a private music academy and started releasing her music in 2019. Her music reflects her interest in musicals, Lo-Fi hiphop and indie music and has a sense of melancholy and darkness while still bringing light to her listeners. Ambrosia has singles and a lo-fi inspired EP out for streaming everywhere.

Website : https://linktr.ee/ambrosialynne

May 14, 2021

'Heart of a Hero' by 'Kaitlin Tomas' - a beautiful tribute to frontline healthcare workers

At its centre, 'Heart of a Hero' is motivational and inspiring. The very important message that this song conveys is not lost in the powerful emotion induced by the delicate and beautiful tune. Both elements are tied perfectly together, presenting a timeless, raw work of art that will be remembered. 

Acoustic guitars and melodious vocals are the key elements that impact this track. Kaitlin has done a great job of defining the vibe she wants to impress, and the whole track stands as a strong example that complexity and loudness are not always necessary in a song to hammer home a message. 

For me, the composition is the most effective part of this song. It delivers emotion, it has a surprising variety in chord progressions as it continues through, and thoughtful vocal harmonies gives an idea of how impressive the range of Kaitlin's voice is.

Listen to 'Heart of a Hero' by 'Kaitlin Tomas' on Spotify

Kaitlin Tomas in her own words:

"Born and raised in small-town Tennessee, I grew up steeped in the culture of Appalachian folk, bluegrass, country and worship music. I remember riding in my dad’s old truck down backroads listening to classic rock and dancing in the kitchen with my mom to 80’s pop and soul. I quickly began forming a soundtrack to everything in my life. I took classical piano lessons and folk style guitar lessons as a child - I honestly didn’t appreciate it as much as I would now. After years of stage fright and self doubt, the biggest influence in my musical evolution came from a decade of singing in campus choirs where I found my voice and was classically trained to share it. One of my directors even made me sing a solo for a final grade in school, it was just the fire I needed to fall in love with sharing music on my own.

Since then I’ve released original music and collaborated with other artists and labels including RiverSound Studios, Verb Records, American idol contestant and songwriter Angel Lea Higgs, Calling Glory band, Raviner, Spoken For band. I've led worship for church services, street festivals, summer camps, nursing homes, corporate dinners, sporting events, recovery meetings, county jails, cathedrals and concert halls to soup kitchens and street corners. I’ve collected and cherished pieces of each experience to grow and learn from. There is no place that doesn’t deserve a heartfelt song. There is no person who isn’t a worthy audience. My first independent release under a new artist name comes after my last single 'Home' (under my maiden name, Kaitlin Andrews) is Heart of a Hero - paying tribute to the selfless frontline and healthcare workers who have gone to hell and back to protect our most vulnerable elderly population during the pandemic. A classic acoustic ballad tells the story of what it's like being a frontline healthcare worker in the field during the darkest of times and sends encouragement and love to them. True heroes have a beautiful heart that grows resiliently through the storms."

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kaitlinsings/

May 10, 2021

'24 Hours Apart' by 'Out of Pity' is a perfect song for a late night long drive

'24 Hours Apart' by 'Out of Pity'

'24 Hours Apart' is a great example of how off-beats are used in a song, and after every few beats you will enjoy its spicy variations. The vocals and instruments echo back and forth as if conversing with each other. The voice has fantastic range which can be noticed when transitioning from lower to higher notes seamlessly, and if you pay attention you can hear the vocal harmonies layered nicely behind the main vocals - smooth and soothing. The lead guitar solo is wonderfully gritty and maintains the emotion of the song perfectly. From start to end, the bass and drums maintain the interest and depth of this song consistently. In fact, every instrument is expressive, just like the vocals, and combined with the delay and reverb which uplift the track, every emotion that the song has to offer is defined, making the track super-addictive. Overall, the vibe is sharp and bright, yet contrasts with a sad lyrical undertone that is perfectly delivered.

Listen to '24 Hours Apart' by 'Out of Pity' on Spotify

About 'Out of Pity'

'Out of Pity' Band Photo

'Out of Pity' is a five-piece Alternative Rock band with elements of Pop, Indie, Punk, and Emo. 

The band members, hailing from various locations around the UK: London, Brighton, Milton Keynes, Folkestone and Canterbury, began writing music together online during the pandemic lockdown. 

Website Instagram

May 08, 2021

'Visionary' a visionary song by 'lead+fellow'

lead+fellow album cover art

The definition of simple yet beautiful is 'Visionary' - a song by 'lead+fellow'. 

This song was created by an artist who really loves the creative process of writing. Primarily a lyricist, this unique artist includes much depth of meaning in their songs, intertwined with melodies that sweep you along with it. Trust me, you'll be signing along.

Another unique touch in this track are the vocal harmonies building as the song progresses toward the end, creating a feeling of a literal thought being represented in the form of music.

Definitely check this song out on spotify from the album 'LeadenFellow' performed by 'lead+fellow'

Follow 'lead+fellow' on Instagram

May 07, 2021

'Part With Your Mind' - a powerful rock single by 'Mel and The Tall Boys'

Mel and The Tall Boys, Part With Your Mind song

'Part With Your Mind' takes us back in time with its sweet retro vibes of 60s & 70s rock music. This track oozes charm and an amazing energy throughout with palpable, grungy guitar tones and a bass-line which keeps the song pumping and rich. The soothing vocals sits nicely in the mix surrounded by those sick guitars, and the drums provide perfect rhythm and tone that smashes the necessary power through. Some guitar leaks here and there, and reverb and harmonies to the vocals keep us absorbed till the end!

Want to know more about 'Mel and The Tall Boys'? Read on...

'Mel and The Tall Boys' are a brand new band of "weirdos" who have gathered together to create bluesy, soulful rock music that blends together the best parts of punk, garage rock, and power pop.

The project is a fresh collaboration between Mel Johnston, of Brooklyn-based soul band, The Foxy Johnstons, and Kyle Lacy, rockabilly guitarist and singer, formerly of Harlem River Noise.

Mel and Kyle met at a session at Hive Mind Recording in Brooklyn where Mel was brought in to sing background vocals for one of Kyle’s latest songs. Since that day, they’ve remained close friends and collaborators.

Their desire to make fun, energetic garage rock was always something they mused about. Now, the project they dreamed up will soon be out in the world for all to hear on their debut four-track EP, soon to be released independently.

Their lead single 'Part With Your Mind' will be out everywhere on May 7th 2021. They look forward to causing non-life-threatening injuries when people rock out at their shows.

Mel Johnston - https://www.mel-johnston.com

Kyle Lacy - https://www.kylelacymusic.com

Instagram - @melandthetallboys