May 17, 2021

How to Claim or Update Your Artist Profile on All Major Music Platforms in 2021

Independent artists who use various distribution services via music distributors like Tunecore, CD Baby, Distrokid etc. can share their music through various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube Music, amongst others, and it is extremely important to claim your artist profiles on these streaming platforms to better define your artist identity.

It can be frustrating when your music appears under another artist's profile that has a similar or the exact same name as your own music profile. Also, someone else's music may become attached to your artist profile, which creates an even bigger mess. To prevent this happening, you have to claim your artist profile as early as possible.

Every streaming profile has its own method to process your profile verification, so let's go through some of them one by one. Please note that these methods are officially provided by each respective streaming platform.


Being one of the most popular platforms, Spotify's artist verification process is one of the easiest. If you have your music on Spotify, visit the official Spotify link given below to search for and claim your artist profile -

Once you have claimed your artist profile, you can also visit to get the tools you need to develop your fanbase and reach your artist goals.

Apple Music

If your chosen distributor has the feature available, Apple Music is another popular streaming platform to claim your artist profile on. 

According to Apple, you can claim your artist page from either the Apple Music for Artists iOS app or the Apple Music for Artists website.

Visit this official Apple Music Support link to find out how -

Youtube Music

For now, at least, only way to claim your artist profile is via email. To begin, email your distributor (Distrokid, CD Baby etc.) or check your distributor's website to see if they support claiming your Youtube Artist Channel. It's called OAC (Official Artist Channel) by Youtube. You should also use the information on the following link to the official support by Google:


A popular music streaming platform that works similar to previously mentioned Spotify and Apple Music. Again, if your distributor has the option to place your music on Deezer, then here is the link to 'Deezer for artists', or as they call it, 'Deezer Backstage':

Amazon Music

All of the above mentioned platforms are very commonly used by artists to promote their music and has a huge audience that listens to a lot of music directly from there. Now, there are many other streaming platforms that your distributor might support like Tidal, Soundcloud, Pandora etc. Each one with its own method to claim your artist profile. Some platforms don't have any direct way to claim a profile except emailing them, but you can always contact your distributor or visit the website of the streaming platform that you want to claim your artist profile on, or simply google '[streaming platform name] for artists' where 'streaming platform name' can be the name of that platform for example- 'Soundcloud for artists' or 'Tidal for artists'.